Kneller Lures – Paul Kneller

One of the most Experienced and Knowledgeable Lure Makers in Australia, Paul has been in the industry for 30 years. From making the iconic Deception timber lures commercially to running a tackle store, Paul has done it all and has pretty much gone full circle, coming back to timber lure making full time again under the Kneller Lures Brand.

Paul and his wife Cheryl will be there with plenty of lures available. His models include the T Party, Sugar Glida, SBC 50, Toxic Shock, Fatboy Slim, BC Needeeps, Church Mouse, Redclaw, Scampi and Popeye to name a few of his extensive fishing range of lures.
He also does collector sets from time to time.

Paul is a very switched on Engineer and is well known in the industry for making timber CNC bodies and bibs for other makers. If you are a maker looking to ramp up production, make sure you drop in for a chat. He is a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of lure timber lure making and painting and generously helps newer makers in their journey.

A mad keen South Sydney Rabbitohs and blues supporter, and craft beer drinker, Paul loves his local bass, cod and trout fishing not too far from his home base at Maclean in northern NSW.
While Paul takes all the credit for his work, he has Cheryl doing the background work that keeps the Kneller Lures operation running smooth;y.

in 2017 Paul was inducted into the Australian Lure & Fly Expo – Hall of Fame and rightly takes his place as a legend of Australian lure making.

Make sure you drop in to see them at the Kneller Lures stand.