Australian Lure Fly & Outdoors Expo
9:00 AM - 4:30 PM DAILY
THE Australian Lure Fly & Outdoors Expo is a celebration of Aussie lures and lure making. Old lures, new lures, timber lures, plastic lures, metal lures, spinnerbaits or custom lures it doesn't matter; if it's Aussie made, then this is the place to see them.

THE concept of the Australian Lure Expo is to:

- celebrate past Austrailan lures

- show case & promote current lures, flies and lure makers

- provide a venue / forum where people can learn how to make lures and flies

- be a hub where lure makers can find components for lure making

- encourage people to collect and preserve Australian made lures and flies

- provide a venue where lure collectors can buy or sell lures

- provide a venue where tackle store owners can see the quality of lures and flies being made in Australia

- provide a venue to cater for all of the above at the cheepest price possible to encourage the highest possible attendance

- help raise awareness of ethical and sustainable fishing practices


About Garry Fitxgerald - by Dave Downie

"Garry (Fitzy) Fitzgerald has a long pedigree in fishing. Spending time as a young fella under the tutelage of Australian icon angler, Rod Harrison catching everything from Bass to Barra and Saratoga to Silver Perch he soon developed a love of lures, their design and manufacture, often liasing with lure makers to get a better action.

Fitzy has been running Fishing Events in the region for over 20 years to raise money for fish restocking in South East Qld. He was the coordinator at the Kirkleagh Klassic for 10 of the 15 years it ran. In it's day the Kirkleagh Klassic was one of the largest fishing events in Australia attracting in excess of 6000 people annually.

In 2008 Garry began the Wivenhoe Kayak and Canoe Fishing Convention which has seen many copy cat events pop up since, but none are yet to compare to the Wivenhoe event which rasies thousands of dollars for fish restocking each year. In late 2012 the Brisbane River Bass Classic wil lbe added to the Wivenhoe Event to cater for an even greater audience.

After seeing many Aussie lure makers fall by the wayside in the face of more and more imported lures, Garry decided to do something to promote the great designers and makers of lures "down under" and recruited some mates to help him kick off the concept of this event in 2012. From the get-go, the Aussie Lure & Fly Expo has gone from strength to strength.

If Fitzy is involved then you can bet this will be one event not to be missed...."

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