About the Show

TheĀ Australian Lure Fly & Outdoors Expo is a celebration of Aussie lures and lure making. Old lures, new lures, timber lures, plastic lures, metal lures, spinnerbaits or custom lures it doesn’t matter; if it’s Aussie made, then this is the place to see them.

The Australian Lure Show aims to:

  • celebrate past Australian lures
  • show case & promote current lures, flies and lure makers
  • provide a venue / forum where people can learn how to make lures and flies
  • be a hub where lure makers can find components for lure making
  • encourage people to collect and preserve Australian made lures and flies
  • provide a venue where lure collectors can buy or sell lures
  • provide a venue where tackle store owners can see the quality of lures and flies being made in Australia
  • provide a venue to cater for all of the above at the bestĀ price possible to encourage the highest possible attendance
  • help raise awareness of ethical and sustainable fishing practices